Welcome and Unit Calendar

Dear Teacher,

As an educator, I was trained to think about disability in terms of intervention.  Recently, I’ve become aware of its many social and cultural aspects, and I wanted to create materials that would help teachers and students alike think about ways to create a more inclusive society.  With that in mind, I’ve written 12 Common Core-aligned lesson plans that cover one novel and numerous poems and short essays related to the subject of disability.  Some lesson plans can be used individually; others can be used in small groups.  I wanted to make a unit that could be lengthened or shortened according to your schedule’s needs, so I wrote the lesson plans “accordion style,” with elements that can be fairly easily removed or expanded.  I also wanted create lessons that were adaptable for a wide variety of grade levels; while I have a high school audience in mind, some middle school teachers may find that these lessons work for their students. My hope is that you’ll find something useful here that you can easily adapt to your classroom.  I suggest that you start with the unit calendar (link below) and then read the overview.  From there, feel free to browse through the lesson plans, brief bio, and bibliography sections–everything’s in PDF format for easy printing.  Finally, please feel free to distribute the link to this website widely, and leave comments on the blog if you have any questions or insights!  My desire is to help as many teachers as possible.

Thanks for all you do!

In the cause,


Unit Calendar


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