Welcome to Teaching the Poetry and Fiction of Disability to High School Students

Hi there!  My name is Emily Wilson, and I was a high school English teacher for 11 wonderful years before I decided to pursue a Ph.D. at the University of Michigan.  This site is home to a project I did for my disability studies class.  It’s a unit plan for teaching the poetry and fiction of disability to a high school English class.  Take a look at the unit calendar (click on the link “Resource project” below) to get a sense of the unit’s scope and sequence.  To learn more about the unit’s purpose and some important background information, click on “overview.”  Click on “lesson plans” to discover full-length, Common Core-aligned lesson plans blocked into chunks that can be condensed into a single day or expanded into many days (plans marked STANDALONE can be pulled out of the unit and used individually if you end up with an extra day between units!).  Check out “bibliography” to browse through some important resources.

Resource project